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A coffee break with Maria Bakardjieva and Peter Dahlgren: discussing media studies

Dr. Maria Bakardjieva is Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication and Culture, University of Calgary in Western Canada. She teaches courses that deal with the interplay between new media and society and studies the internet and digital media in their social contexts and applications. She published a book „Internet Society: The Internet in Everyday Life“ (2005, Sage) and numerous journal articles including „Subactivism: Lifeworld and Politics in the Age of the Internet“ (The Information Society, 2009),  „Reconfiguring the Mediapolis: New Media and Civic Agency“ (New Media and Society, 2012), „Web 2.0 Technologies of the Self“ (Philosophy & Technology, 2012) and „New Media and Civil Society in Bulgaria“ ( Europe-Asia Studies, 2012).

Dr. Peter Dahlgren is a media and communication scholar educated in the USA who worked in Sweden for most of his academic career. He is now Professor Emeritus at the Department of Communication and Media, Lund University. His work focuses on media and democracy from the horizons of late modern social and cultural theory. More specifically, he address the theme of democratic participation, in particular in relation to the digital media. His recent publications are Media and Political Engagement (Cambridge University Press, 2009), the co-edited volume Young People, ICTs and Democracy (Nordicom, 2010), Online Journalism and Civic Cosmopolitanism: Professional vs. participatory ideals (Journalism Studies, 2013), Tracking the Civic Subject in the Media Landscape: Versions of the Democratic Ideal (Television & New Media, 2013).

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